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Strive positive with Grass Spider

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Let us go behind the lens to find out about this infomercial

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We all have some inspiration that drives us towards our passion. Sometimes, this inspiration drives us towards doing something real good. In this infomercial, you will groove into the life of a sports person who takes inspiration from nature and strives positive throughout the day. Find out our campaigns

Once in a while, we all are inspired by nature. Do you remember those times when you were on the adventure trip and you might have clicked a snap under the big banyan tree.? May be you just loved that tree as for how nature has evolved around it. The times when you sat aside in your school’s  playground for peace and for a little “me” time. Some of us might always have admired and loved that connection with environment and nature. The same connection continues to drive us even today. Check the Top organic products in our store

This sportsperson in the video tells his story to us through the lens of a common man. He starts his day with inspiration from nature, goes into the pursuit of his passion, running, sprinting, cycling, etc. He is constantly reminded to be connected with nature. The Juco bag that he carries along with him for all day long keeps him inspired.  The woods, the rocks and the trees around him give him a phenomenal dose of inspiration too.

He is inspired of fact how plants can be part of our daily life too. He prefers Juco bags over sinful leather alternatives. (Juco is nothing but 75% jute fibre and 25% cotton fabric. ) The bag is ecofriendly and it reminds him of the green connection.  He is not just inspired by nature but also inspired by his lifestyle towards health and well being.

Strive positive is nothing but one such concept where a sportsperson takes a motivating action to change his lifestyle with his best efforts. He prefers more sustainable lifestyle over the conventional one.

Hope we have worked towards inspiring you for switching towards sustainable lifestyle and fashion. You could use juco bags, organic cotton apparel, organic or natural products such as skin care or hair care alternatives.

If you are all in for the concept of going green, we make the promise to bring you our upcoming brand “strive positive” with all the green products that you have ever imagined. Meanwhile, we leave you with India’s most unique sustainable brands to choose from. Go explore Grass Spider,  Strive positive with Grass Spider.

Author or narrator of story: Shabbar Syed Founder

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