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Upcycled tyre tube gym bowling bag

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Product Stats:

Brand : Green the map

Type :  Lifestyle and fashion | Gym bag

Made: Upcycled | Ecofriendly | Sustainable

Dimensions: 10” x 10” x 18”

Features of the bag:

  1. This is an upcycled gym bag.
  2. Is has great flexibility as it is a long shoulder string bag
  3. Very trendy design as it is made of upcycled tube (Rubber)
  4. This is a washable and soft textured bag that is designed consciously while giving utmost importance to style.


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So are you the one for whom its only style that matters the most? For some of the conscious athletes or for enthusiastic sportspersons, this is an ideal stylish bag that will leave you talking about it as much as you flaunt it on your shoulders. Made from recycled tyre tubes and waste linen, the sleek and sturdy rubber bowling bag can be used for work, gym, travel, or whatever your heart desires. Stay anxious, get UPCYCLED. Each product is unique and one of a kind. Actual product colors and patterns may differ from product photo on this page. These gym bags for men are great all together as a style statement. These lifestyle upcycled Gym bags for men are ideal for gym freaks.


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