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Upcycled chandelier Small

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This is our range of upcycled product that keeps away the environment from more degradation. This will keep PET bottles from going to landfill that means our environment gets chance to perform better and air pollution due to landfill waste is reduced. So grab some of these for your own home and gift a few to your loved ones.

Use this chandelier with right type of light and you will make a memory for yourself and for your guest too.


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Product Stats: 

Brand : Vreuse

Type :  Home decor

Made: Upcycle | Ecofriendly | Handmade 

Product Description

We are obsessed with this cute little new product which is made by upcycling factory rejected bottles ( so that new stuff remains new during upcycling) Use it as a home decor accessory, ideal for office, homes, etc. So give your guest more reason to return back to your home. We can help you find upcycled products in India

Do you want to know how we source our products?

Virgin Products:

Virgin products are those products that are made or designed using natural raw materials in maximum ratio. For example jute made bags are virgin products as per our design strategy. We make or source juco ( jute and cotton fibre mix fabric) bags, bamboo socks, bamboo tees, organic cotton tees, organic cotton hoodies, and other such organic apparel and ecofriendly accessories

Upcycled Products:

Upcycled products are those that are made or designed using post industrial raw material ( Note: In our case, we do not use any old or used products for upcycling) therefore we only use post industrial waste for example a new fabric waste from designer studio becomes jewelry.

Recycled products:

Recycled products are those that are made after melting them down to its original shape or form. For example making a watch strap from household plastic waste, by melting down to its original form and turning it into new products.

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Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 20 x 5 x 20 cm


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