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Upcycled August bag

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Product Stats:

Brand : Green the Map

Type :  Lifestyle and fashion | Shoulder bag

Made: Upcycled | Ecofriendly | Sustainable

Why waste a new fabric when it can be utilized for making fashionable bag. Read our blogs on do it yourself bag making from waste fabric. Get started first and move on to making your own designer bags that are ecofriendly.



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Consider this masterpiece then.

The August Bag has multiple compartments,roomy interior, sturdy rexine straps and an easygoing shape so you can carry a lot and still stay comfortable. If you prefer fixed straps, check out our July Bag.

Dimensions: 13” x 4” x 16”


Read a synopsis of blog on Styling:

So let’s assume its Friday today. You are at your lovely office completing the last minute task to close for the weekend, meanwhile, your phone rings. You are excited. Guess what? Your bestie’s name pop on your phone’s display. “incoming call”

There you go, you are now a completely changed person. You answered that call with all the weekender excitement. You asked your friend to meet you at your place or hangout at his or her place for the coming weekend. You have plans to watch movies, go out and eat nice food and finally probably, end up Sunday night watching your favorite talk show “Coffee with Karan”. Seems like everything is all set and you are ready to enjoy your weekend. But wait a minute! Let’s do a little homework. The most important part of getting ready for the weekend would be your styling checklist.  So if you are really an outgoing pro weekender then you shall have styling checklist for sure.

Summer dresses should be well ironed and all tucked up in hangers and ready to be worn. Not just dresses but accessories and other important styling stuff shall also be ready.

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This bag is made out of brand new designer studio refuse. Fabric is new in condition. Other accessories are used to maintain style standards.

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