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Stylish handbags for women


Product Stats:

Brand : Green the map

Type :  Lifestyle and fashion | Shoulder bag

Made: Upcycled | Ecofriendly | Sustainable

Features of the bag:

  1. This is an upcycled side bag. limited stock only
  2. Is has great flexibility as it is a long shoulder bag.
  3. Ideal satchel bags for women who likes to stay stylish 24 x 7
  4. Sleek and cute shoulder messenger bag that can hold all your important essentials and also sleek or light weight laptop or other electronic devices
  5. Washable and soft textured bag that is designed consciously while giving utmost importance to style.


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The Diamond Bag’s exquisite colorful and patchwork design will brighten up your everyday outfit. This handbags for women with metal studs on the bottom to keep the bag from getting dirty, multiple inner pockets and a comfortable adjustable strap, diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend.Made with waste fabric. Inner YKK zip pockets, adjustable shoulder strap. Stay anxious, get UPCYCLED.Each product is unique and one of a kind. Actual product colors and patterns may differ from product photo on this page. This can also be used as a trendy laptop bag. It is creating a new record of recognition among the other shoulder bags for women in the market. Add this handbags for women to your wardrobe.

Synopsys from our blog:

If you are from fashion industry, this might not be contemporary that feminine seems more conscious about the dressing and looks and are dutiful about wardrobe management. Besides guys are not judged just by looks but by the dressing style too. Though guys seem less conscious about their looks, the statement can’t be generalized. Designers do a magnificent work to showcase men in fashion. There are designer’s clothing for men with majestic expressiveness portraying their identities. What we wear make us who we are. No one, be it an architect, a photographer, a singer or a business man, can go on work without giving a thought to their looks, especially because looking presentable is part of being professional.

Let’s take a quick insight about what is trending in the fashion for the year 2016. Although there is always a frequent drift in fashion trends, there are some looks or styles that hold up for a decade and never go out of fashion. Let’s take a brief intuition on those few accessories, recommended by popular designers that can go a great deal in variety while assembling a typical Men’s wardrobe.

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