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Men’s fashion tips. 3 Style hacks

Posted On October 19, 2017 at 12:34 pm by / 1 Comment

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There is so much of hype in fashion and styling across corporate and night life. Thanks to the innovative creations and ease of technology in production, fashion industry is now rapidly able to cope up with demand by bringing designers imagination to an actual high quality product at much faster pace.  We bring you 3 Men’s fashion tips which will help you look 1 in 100 for your next big party and your causal day at office. 


Trim off the perfect cone: Hair styling tip: We agree that there have been constant shift towards long hair and full beard in men’s fashion trend. But not all of us can join the party for the matter of fact your facial look shall highly influence your hair styling decision. So make sure your hair style is completely in sync with your facial look. Trim off your hair around the neck from both sides. It should not show loose curving hairs when someone looks at you from your face angle. Check out the image shown in this blog icon to get a an idea of perfect cone look at back of your head. Give it a shot to this men’s fashion tip, who knows you will get that longing compliment already.

Carry a wallet with a story: Yes you heard that right. In fashion and styling too, you need to brand yourself well.  You might end up meeting someone with eco conscious mind; thanks to social media buzz and awareness. We know how our lifestyle impacts the environment. It good to keep the debate aside and do the sustainable fashion right.  Make sure you are sound enough to handle this one and turn it around into a trendy style statement.  Make a classy statement with what you wear and what you carry along.  Both married and single men love wallets. It is one thing which comes out of the pocket so often be it just for show off but not actually paying your bills. But it is quite noticeable accessory after all. Make sure your wallet is not just a perfect style statement piece but it also tells a lovely story. Switch from the sinful leather wallets to alternative wallets that are made from Juco.  If you are not much savvy yet to find this alternative product then go for the upcycled product options. Find out more about this wallet

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Get the Robby man look: Now let’s head to an accessory that carries all of your stories. What is that one accessory that can accommodate your personal dairy and lovely letter from your ex.  We are talking about hand bag. No matter how much experimental you get with fashion, it’s not enough if you don’t start experimenting with your bag styles yet. Make sure your bag speaks on your behalf and you have lot to talk about when you get into a fashion and styling talk. Yes this bag can help you crack that easy line for the starter of conversation with strangers or new office mates. Find out more about this bag

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Dawn on these tips to your head and get ready, get in style. If you would like to get quick tips delivered to your email or have any questions, please subscribe with our newsletters so we keep in touch you guys. Happy socializing, Happy styling.

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