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The gateway for glamour is cap, goggles and tye

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People are more conscious about fashion and therefore they are searching for best sustainable fashion brands If you are from fashion industry, this might not be contemporary that feminine seems more conscious about the dressing and looks and are dutiful about wardrobe management. Besides guys are not judged just by looks but by the dressing style too. Though guys seem less conscious about their looks, the statement can’t be generalized. Designers do a magnificent work to showcase men in fashion. There are designer’s clothing for men with majestic expressiveness portraying their identities. What we wear make us who we are. No one, be it an architect, a photographer, a singer or a business man, can go on work without giving a thought to their looks, especially because looking presentable is part of being professional.


Let’s take a quick insight about what is trending in the fashion for the year 2016. Although there is always a frequent drift in fashion trends, there are some looks or styles that hold up for a decade and never go out of fashion. Let’s take a brief intuition on those few accessories, recommended by popular designers that can go a great deal in variety while assembling a typical Men’s wardrobe. Go to our shop page to check out best sustainable fashion brands

“A Man without Cap, goggle, or tie is no man of fashion.”

Caps are cute and add glitters to your looks if they are blend well with the appropriate colors of attire. Don’t just blindly believe us; Try it out. Go to a beach with a trendy cap and cool shorts and you’ll turn heads. Caps are live savers and quite fashionable too because they make a statement and represent a casual you.

Goggles are nothing new for the elegant accessories set in the unisex wardrobe. But with leading innovation and help of cutting edge technology, designers are able to play around much better. Most common trending goggles are 100 percent rounded ones (O-O types) which can be used either with sun glasses or with regular eye sight glasses. Discounts on best sustainable fashion brands on our shop page

Tie – Here we go with the most extensively used important accessory of Men’s wardrobe. As we know a typical office day is not complete without a dashing, statement piece tie. What is new to see is the size of the tie. Most common tie types are bow and knot ties. The later one is sub divided into 2 nested types. The ongoing trend for tie is medium size like a small and sleek knot tie. This tie should be use with simple fit formals but not with blazers.

There has been a substantial drift in innovations and trends of fashion but most eye catching one is yet to take a proper pace. Sustainable fashion which generally defines organic cotton or eco friendly apparel like organic  cotton tees, organic cotton shirts, bamboo hoodies, etc. is revolutionizing the fashion like never before. People are becoming more and more aware about sustainable fashion and its impact on the individual lifestyle. Go green is the new fashion term that is setting up its roots in fashion industry.

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Modeling : Naresh Mandla

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