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4 things to keep in mind while selecting right dress for your special days

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We see different fashion shows and come across various fashion models and get attracted to their styles. We bring you fashion ideas for women. We urge to be the same; to look amazing in every outfit; to look iconic; to be someone else’s role model for fashion. And there is nothing wrong in this. That is the chain: we have our role models and we could be inspiration for others at the same time.

I have to admit this: I personally like almost every good looking lady and compare them to myself. And when you’ll look upon someone better than you, you are surely going to get disappointed with the comparison result. So, is it wrong to compare yourself with anyone? Should we be what we are? Can we improve by copying others OR originality values more?

You could also be a role model by flaunting some creativity towards fashion by trying out all the outfits that are locally made or that are ecofriendly by some means. You can do same stuff with your accessories too. We hope these ideas for women in fashion are useful for our readers.

Following are 4 things you shall keep focus on!

1.Match what suits you best:

Let me tell you something before this. My two friends: one was very fair and a bit chubby with a little weight around her waist; other one with a wheatish look was too skinny. They were in my hostel room and we were deciding the outfit for the farewell for the next day. I was extremely bad at this. The skinny one wore a royal blue color backless short dress and the fair one shortlisted a white long maxi dress with matching accessories. Both were looking gorgeous. Here we can see how they decided the outfit based on the completion and individual weights that they posses.

2.Don’t do it all by yourself take advices:

Just think about it, if the fair one decides to wear the skinny dress, she might look odd because her little pouch would keep peeping from within. And if the skinny one wore the maxi dress, she might not look that attractive comparatively because that dress would focus on the lack of curves in her body. So, I guess you got where I am heading with this explanation. Correct: not every outfit suits everyone. Okay, so now let’s go to the former discussion. There is no bad in comparing yourself with anyone until and unless you cross that threshold and start feeling inferior. Comparison is a must to improve. Because, no one is perfect, so we have to compare, learn and improve. So next time make sure your comparisons are for all good and positive and do not forget to ask for advice.

3.Be yourself without being odd women out

Sometimes, people on this say that one should be oneself and not try to be anybody. Here is something interesting, in that debate mood, to prove their point, they deviate from the root topic and start giving thousand reasons and examples to say that one can be the best by being oneself. Well, I never really said that one should not be unique. But, chance is sign of growing. As I said, because we are not perfect, we surely have flaws in us and we have to remove them; it doesn’t mean I am becoming a new person; I am just improving my personality. So, seriously, Just be yourself is actually misunderstood by us. Let’s see it with an example of my friends’ outfit only. If I want to dress like my friends: fair and skinny; whom should I follow? Answer is simple: what suits me. If I am skinny too, I can go for her dress but if I am not then going for that dress won’t work for me. Here is this thing, I can’t change my body type and so I should dress accordingly. In the other words: I should dress as per my body type because I can’t change my body type and should not even try. That’s what we mean by ‘being yourself’. I can look amazing by being myself. But if I continue wearing mismatch dresses and won’t change my dressing sense at all, this way by ‘being myself’ I won’t do anything productive for myself.

4.Inspiration from others about outfits is not about replicating or copying their outfits

Finally, copying is not wrong, if it’s not an examination. As I mentioned in above example, we improve by learning from others. And frankly we can’t copy someone to the point. So, ideally it’s not copying, it’s taking a reference from something better than you, to improve your present status. Opposite to this, originality is something which comes from within. If you are a fashion symbol, or people like your style, you can play with the dresses and come up with a different style. And this is something which comes by experience. When you have been in that field for years and you can present something of your own creativity. I don’t think I even need to mention that confidence is what makes you look stunning in whatever you wear. If you like these fashion ideas for women then comment below with your views on same.

Notes: In fashion (general except some cases), copying is referencing/ learning; Experiences give rise to creativity. Healthy comparison is a must. Be confident in yourself but don’t stuck there because there is always space for improvement.

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