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3 styling hacks for the weekend. Juco bags in India are trending

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So let’s assume its Friday today. You are at your lovely office completing the last minute task to close for the weekend, meanwhile, your phone rings. You are excited. Guess what? Your bestie’s name pop on your phone’s display. “incoming call”

There you go, you are now a completely changed person. You answered that call with all the weekender excitement. You asked your friend to meet you at your place or hangout at his or her place for the coming weekend. You have plans to watch movies, go out and eat nice food and finally probably, end up Sunday night watching your favorite talk show “Coffee with Karan”. Seems like everything is all set and you are ready to enjoy your weekend. But wait a minute! Let’s do a little homework. The most important part of getting ready for the weekend would be your styling checklist.  So if you are really an outgoing pro weekender then you shall have styling checklist for sure.

Summer dresses should be well ironed and all tucked up in hangers and ready to be worn. Not just dresses but accessories and other important styling stuff shall also be ready.

Here are few ideas to get you started:

  1. The bag hack for styling: Juco bags in India

No matter what clothes you wear. They should be insanely attractive or catchy. You can’t go sober on weekend, even if you are a sober most person of the week. Weekend is only time you get vibes of going casual with your routine. So make sure to keep aside wonderful pair of clothes and stylish bag that speaks on your behalf. Trends have changed and are influenced by alternative accessories as a priority, not an option. Yes you are right we are still talking about bags. But we are talking about juco bags that are trending across India. These bags are not just another jute bags but they are made out of special fabric (jute fibers + Cotton Fibers) juco fabric which is quite soft and comfortable. So make sure to keep lovely clothes and a stylish bag in your weekender checklist. Do not forget to check Juco bags in India

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  1. Facewash hack for styling:

You might find us crazy if we say face wash can help you get better styling done. But we don’t mind you. We know it like pro. Yes a face wash is quite essential grooming element to start weekend outing. Infact you shall carry one with you all the time but a special one for the weekend. Herbal face wash kits are easy on the skin and friendly to the environment and are just happening to be the talk of the town these days. They seem to be very useful and easy to work around with as they don’t make you stick it on and wait for long haul before you wash your face. With herbal face wash, it is convenient to apply it and instantly wash your face. So make sure you grab some variety of them while you make a start for weekender plan.

Ancient living tea tree facewash

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  1. Face cream hack for styling:

Now do not confuse yourself like armature who does not know the difference between face wash and face cream or day cream. Yes, we get that confused beat too, when these products are called out with their fancy names on their labels. But make sure to be sane and smart enough to find out which one is for what, like we are assuming you do things smartly as such at your work place too. Go for the day cream that is easy on skin. The herbal day cream or any such alternative would be great option and unique to try this time.

nature, lifestyle, fashion, photoshoot with nature products

Check some of the options here

So you are all set? Yes we know there are lot of other accessories or essentials of styling that we have not covered here but we will make sure to cover that all in our next blog. The latest trending bags are Juco bags in India.

We hope we made a point here. So go get lovely dress ready and a cute pair of sneakers too. Get all groomed with face wash and then apply little day cream before you leave your house. Grab a sexy bag that suits your personality and ethics. We coming soon with all the stylish Juco bags in India

Have a happy weekend.

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