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3 essentials for weekend makeover

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We all get excited and wait desperately for weekend even before it actually arrives.  You will already be calling random friends or opening up and checking weekend plan whatsapp groups just to make sure your weekend plan bucket is full.

As the excitement grows it goes to level next. You might want to be prepared with proper ground work. You also want to make sure you look dazzling  for coming  weekend. Here are some tips from Grass Spider Blog exclusively for you.

We are not going to say anything new here but we will design a creative checklist:

1. Shampoo your hairs: We know it very well that we would not want to take any chances with our hairs. Men and women both love their hairstyle more than their pets at home. Therefore you really need a proper care of your hairs or hairstyles.

But before you get to styling, you need to get your basics right. You need right shampoo that adds value to your hair and scalp.

What is an ideal shampoo?

It would not be so easy for a lot of us to digest but there is no shampoo in market that is perfect for your hairs yet.  But yes there is some good news. There are a couple of new companies in India who sell organic ingredient based products which are free of any side-effects which make them right choice if not the perfect one. A herbal shampoo which could ideally be Hydrating shampoo made of high quality natural essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs. Now this could be the only best available option in market because you are sure it is not going to do any damage to your lovely hair unlike the conventional ones. Ayurveda praises Neem and Tea tree oil as the most natural anti-bacterial oils .They also help prevent scalp problems too. So cheers to lovely hair and lovely you. A herbal shampoo is filled with all the goodness of herbs.

2. Body wash: What is a good start to a day? A refreshing bath that enlightens your body and soul. Yes there is a deep connection between looking great and feeling wonderful at the same time. Like say you wore your favorite dress. How did the day go? Quite wonderful.  Why do you think so? People praised your dress and you looked great. You felt good about it. Similar way when you bath and start your day you feel energized and happy. And just a soap bath is so old school thing these days. You might like enjoying more than just a soap body wash. So consider for a body lotion.

Body wash or lotion should be preferred over regular soap for some reasons like it helps Re-hydrate dried skin, smooth calluses, soften the roughest parts of your body and make your skin glow. Cheers to enlighten you again.

Get indulge in the aromatic body wash. Select the one that has connection with nature not just because you care a lot about nature but also because it is healthy option. The body wash that has lemon extracts would be very ideal choice as it keeps you away from odor or a distinctive smell after you are exhausted from workouts or gymnastics. Consider adding turmeric lemon body wash from Ancient living or other such branded products to your checklist.

3. Face care or face wash: When you are all set with body and hair wash. You have to take it to level next. As part of grooming exercise, face wash is very important too. You lovely face has to look best. It should be free of dirt or dust and it should glow to some extent. Face wash should be selected very carefully. Some face wash go counter effective and leave you with amazement and pimples. Make sure to select the face wash that suits your skin tone or which is not allergic or counter effective to your skin. Well if you want to look like a girl next door or Cinderella from the fairy tales. You better plan and keep you face wash handy all the time. There are lots of obstacles outdoor that may come against your good looks. But you are going to take on them nice and easy.

Carry a natural, organic or handmade face wash in your purse for your day long schedule, so in case you feel tired or exhausted. Make sure to wash your face and apply a little of face wash that bring back looks and energy to your face and enlighten you within with the aroma of it.

You might want to consider giving try on Teatree face wash.  How do you select right face wash? Choose or look out for face wash that is an anti-bacterial face wash especially suited for oily and acne prone skin types. You would want to consider Tea tree oil based face wash healing action of Tea Tree oil eliminates blackheads and white heads, prevents scarring. You can try this out from lovely brand Ancient living or other options that you have in your head.

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